Bed Bug Detection Services

The Benefits of Using a Canine

Confidential and Professional

97% Accuracy, as well as time efficiency

Minimum distruption of facility

Fewer chemicals used, by narrowing down location

Reduction in treatment time

Lower treatment bill

How Do Dogs Smell Bed Bugs?

Dogs have over 200 million odor receptors, while humans only have about 10 million.
Bed bugs give off an alarm pheremone that smells a lot like coriander or cilantro with some citronella and can smell sweet.
Dogs are selected for bed bug detection work by breed and energy level.

Can Regular K9 Inspections Help You?

A proactive stance will help establish loyal customers and assist in limiting liability.

Monthly or quarterly K9 inspections can prevent thousands in extermination fees and customer refunds.

Ceritficates will show concentrated efforts.

Early detection can prevent major infestations. (40 bugs can turn into 6,000 bugs in 6 months!)

Who Benefits from Our K9s?

Real Estate (buyers, renters, sellers)
Apartment Buildings
Clothing/Furniture Retailers
Shopping Malls
Assisted Living Facilities
Movie Theaters

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